Ballroom Nights

Instructor: Samir & Eleni Elabd
Category: Ballroom

There is no better way to add fun, romance and excitement to your life than dancing

It is a delightful activity for couples to share, and a fast, safe way for singles to meet potential friends and partners.

Do you want to dance - but can't get started?... We can help!

2019 Classes Schedule

Over the years, we have dedicated ourselves to providing our students with the easiest and quickest way to learn to dance and build confidence on the dance floor.

Our teaching method is Progressive and Interrelated. Each pattern builds on the previous one and most patterns can be transferred from one dance to another. 

You will learn figures quickly and easily. You will also find, that when you learn  few basic steps, you will be able to adapt them to different dances.

You can improve your dancing in one evening - even if you've never danced before and thought perhaps you couldn't.


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