USA Dance, Inc is a 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to spreading ballroom dance through education and opportunity. Our chapter specifically focuses on these aspects through our monthly socials.

Why You Should Dance

  1. Join a new Community
    Dancing is a great way to network and instantly connect to a community wherever you may go.  Moving to a new place can be intimidating socially; dancers are some of the most welcoming and respectful people you'll meet, making big tranisitions a little easier.

  2. Great Exercise
    Dress comfortably because you will be getting warm, burning 150-300 calories an hour (varies by dance).  Dancing also requires you to tune your mental awareness and sensitivity as you learn to connect with your own balance and your partner.

  3. Enjoy music more
    Inspiring music can stir the soul. Now is your time to learn to dance so that you can feel good and look great while moving to music.

  4. Stand Out On the Dance Floor
    There's nothing quite like the feeling of surprising everyone at weddings, events, and even cobbled street corners with the fact that you are an accomplished dancer. Feel confident that you can change the mood of a moment for others with your skills, connecting and communicating with your partner through balance and sensitivity.